Jojo Lorquet a protégé of President Martelly arrested in Haiti

It has been confirmed by a source in Haiti, that Jojo Lorquet a protégé of President Martelly has been arrested for fraud.

According to the same source, he’s charged of making false National Palace ID cards and selling them to people who would use those same cards for fraudulent activities. Many radio stations in Haiti have also confirmed this information. He is also involved in fraudulent transaction in Customs and was arraigned today in Port-au-Prince

Jojo Lorquet, a former representative of President Martelly in New York when he used to be  active as a musician in the HMI. The relationship ended in bad taste with both men taking the airwaves vilifying each other. The two recently made up and Jojo decided to move back to Haiti.

Jojo was visiting the States a couple of weeks ago, but was warned by Gamal Augustin, Assistant Director of RTNH not to returned to Haiti, because he would get arrested. Jojo ignored this warning and was detained upon his arrival at the Airport in Haiti.

Jojo is well known in the Haitian community, especially in NY with his daring gossip show « Exit Entertainment ».

Source: HaitianBeatz .com



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